Company Profile

Amorphous is a pioneering Israeli pharmaceutical company, manufacturing a unique Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC). 
The ACC uniqueness provides: absorption of 2-4.6 and its bio availability are 120% more than any other calcium.
The inspiration – The blue crayfish developed a survival strategy ♦ building a new exoskeleton within 72 hours.
The breakthrough – Amorphical developed a synthetic approach for long-term stabilized ACC.
Calcium essential for most human body processes . Bone mineralization osteoporosis, hypoparathyroidism, muscle contraction, proper function, endocrinology processes and more. Calcium is number 1 mineral t, and 2nd best-selling dietary supplement in the world.

Density™ is a food supplement which approved for 0TC.
Amorphical leveraging its ACC to develop a pipeline of therapeutics for diseases correlational with blood calcium levels as hypoparathyroidism, solid tumor-related bone metastasis.
Amorphical conducting clinical studies with leading medical centers. We will launch 6 new additional ACC product applications.


Aquafit delivers a new approach to intimate care, vaginal wellness and pleasure.
For women, by women.
Aquafit all-in-one Intimate Gel Stick couples the benefits of vaginal dilation therapy with natural extracts that hydrate, relax, rejuvenate and balance vaginal PH, for pure intimate care.
Made from water and all natural, nontoxic plant-based materials, the self-lubricating Intimate Gel Stick adapts to individual women’s anatomy, while achieving deep delivery of beneficial active agent for intimate wellness.
Aquafit Intimate Gel Sitck product range – Pre, Bliss, Bio and Revive – provide relief for women who experience vaginal dryness, atrophy and discomfort, while decreasing tension, enhancing sensual pleasure and heightening sexual sensations.


Ark Surgical is commercializing LapBox™, a simple-to-use tissue containment system for secure removal of large internal organs during laparoscopic surgery. LapBox is the next generation containment system that enables the use of power and manual morcellation with minimal risk and improved usability to allows patients and surgeons to benefit from laparoscopic procedures.


Who we are: We are A Healthcare IT Company established in 1996 in Israel. We build, install, and support IT solutions that are used by Health Information Systems (HIS) in Hospitals, Health Institutes and Private Clinics. Our Major Area of Specialization is the Integration of medical devices to HIS and Imaging Systems in Hospitals and Health Institutes. In Private Clinics cloud resources are used for HIS computing and cloud storage is used as central repository (Image Archiving) of numerous clinics.
What we do: Examples of Medical Devices that were connected and integrated by our solutions include: OBGYN Ultrasounds (U/S) Devices, Cardio ( Echo) U/S, GastroScopes, Eye Testing Instruments; These medical devices contain large amount of images, clips ( Cine Loops) and data that is stored locally as standalone “data islands” We integrate those islands into the HIS and Imaging Central Systems; By moving and documenting those results into central repositories the data is commonly available to all relevant users; Such integration is critical for maintaining patient’s medical history.
What we are looking for: We are looking for business partners (Agents or Distributors) that will market our internet based products. Initially, we want to sell our OBGYN Internet Based solutions that come together with Ultrasound Equipment.

Asia Publishers is an independent publishers of Hebrew and translated literature, since 2000. Our catalogue includes various genres: fiction, non-fiction, contemporary fiction, classics, biographies, children’s books and guides. Guided by passion for literary works and deep respect for the Hebrew readership, our selections are both meticulous and daring titles. We aim to provide quality without compromise, by minutely supervising every stage of the publishing process: from translation, writing and editing to graphic design and printing. Our books are distributed and sold in book-shops throughout Israel.


Carmentix is an international startup company with presence in Asia and HQ in Singapore. We aim to reduce the incidence of preterm birth, one of the biggest unmet needs in pregnancy, through early prediction.
Preterm occurs in over 10% of pregnancies globally and has a significant health and economic burden on all health care systems.
Carmentix has discovered a novel panel of protein biomarkers the has been able to clinically demonstrate outstanding accuracy to predict preterm birth early in the pregnancy.
This panel is converted into a test that will allow clinicians to identify high risk pregnancies and administer preventive treatments that can significantly reduce the rates of preterm birth.

ConTIPI Medical


ConTIPI Medical develops non-invasive and disposable vaginal devices for women with Pelvic Floor Disorders. All devices are inserted vaginally by the user herself, at her home environment, within a disposable applicator. Within the vagina the device opens to provide support. By the end of use, or at the user’s will, a pull of a string collapses the device back into small dimensions, for disposal.
Initial device, for management of stress urinary Incontinence, was sold to Kimberly Clark Worldwide Inc, and is already for sale in North America under the name Poise Impressa.

Current solution, for Pelvic Organ Prolapse, the ProVate Device, which follows the same concept, is ready for the market, has a CE Mark, and is now under regulatory consideration in the US.

DiaGyn is tailoring personalized treatment to the urgent, unmet needs of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
We developed a unique nanoparticle technology, DIG790 that offers a new targeted chemotherapeutic approach to increase survival in women suffering from Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (EOC).

Dune Medical Ltd. a US-Israeli medical technology company, developed radiofrequency spectroscopy (RFS) which characterizes tissue and determines in real time as cancerous or not.
Dune is currently focused on the breast cancer field. Its first commercial product MarginProbe (CE mark, PMA FDA) is used to assess intra-operative surgical margins during breast cancer lumpectomy. MarginProbe provides the surgeon with real time input on the existence of residual cancer at the margins in order to ensure complete removal of the cancerous tissue, consistently reducing the need for second surgeries by 50-80%. The product is currently in commercial use in 70 hospitals and to date over 16,000 procedures have been performed using MarginProbe.


Elmedical, an Israeli medical device startup, offers a CE Marked office-based thermal-treatment platform (proprietary Console and Disposables) addressing a range of Urology and Urogynecology conditions.

The Company is a technology leader in thermo-chemotherapy bladder instillation for treating recurrent bladder cancer with proven success in over 16,000 treatments to date.

Based on its proven platform and issued and pending patents, Elmedical is entering markets for additional unmet clinical needs in Women’s Health such as urinary incontinence, pelvic-pain syndrome, vulvodynia, genitourinary syndrome of menopause and post-birth vaginal laxity.

Elmedical currently seeks collaboration partners as well as investors for commercializing its platform for these indications.



Embryonics Ltd. is developing deep learning-based solutions to provide a reliable system to assess and select the optimal embryos for implantation.

We have developed a user friendly system that can be easily adopted by any laboratory regardless of the monitoring system.

Embryonics works with world-class computer vision scientists and collaborates with the largest centers in the world to get billions of data points for a data-driven solution.

Our expert deep analysis brings novel and previously inaccessible insights to the IVF process, retrieving valuable information for each individual embryo down to the chromosomal level.

ESCALA was founded to enhance the well-being of women worldwide by introducing innovative solutions for the repair of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP). Our solution changes the way POP is treated today by shifting the point of care from the hospital to the doctor’s office.
POP is a painful, debilitating medical condition affecting nearly 50% of women and results in a poor quality of life.
Surgery is the only repair alternative for POP today. A non-surgical, incision-free solution is currently not available.
Invented by skilled surgeons, Escala’s incision-free solution repairs prolapse in a safe and quick procedure with minimal patient discomfort.


MAS Holdings is South Asia’s largest manufacturer of intimate wear and sportswear, with over 30 years of experience working alongside leading apparel brands in the US and EU. From a company that began as a bra manufacturer, FemTech@MAS was a natural fit 5 years ago. FemTech combines knowledge of the female body with unparalleled expertise in fabrics, textiles and innovation to launch functional, wellness-oriented apparel solutions that champion female consumer needs from menarche to menopause.

Socio-cultural norms also often consider women’s healthcare issues as taboo subjects & we are passionate about breaking these taboos.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a Swiss-based, research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group committed to helping people live better lives. Founded in 1950, it is a leader in reproductive medicine/women’s health, and in specialty areas within gastroenterology and urology. Ferring employs more than 6,500 people and markets its products in 110 countries, and acquired Bio-Technology General (BTG) with its biotech capabilities in 2005.

In Israel, Ferring Holding Ltd. (FHL) plays a pivotal role in Ferring’s global innovation activities. Founded in 2016, FHL collaborates with local academics, physicians and entrepreneurs to deliver life-changing biopharmaceuticals and medical technologies. Its goal is to foster local innovations in biotechnology and other disciplines, including new areas such as mobile health, in Ferring’s key therapeutic areas.

FertileSafe is a young bio-medical company specializing in the field of cryobiology and reproduction technology.

The company’s team has a vast experience in the fields of cryobiology, reproductions and mechanical engineering.

FertileSafe solve problems in the field of assisted reproduction technology with the scope of making IVF safer, more efficient and cheaper.
We developed an automatic vitrification device (Sarah) and a freeze drying device (Darya) for sperm, oocytes, ovarian tissue, testicular tissue and stem cells.

Fertiprot is an R&D based, seed stage start-up company in the field of Human fertility. 

As a pharmaceutical and biotech company, the major and most advanced product is a Drug-Device combination or solution of a novel formulation, aimed for increasing Take-Home Baby Rate for infertile and sub-fertile couples without the need for invasive methods such as In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), either by increasing probability of spontaneous conception or through increasing success rates for Intrauterine insemination (IUI). If IVF cannot be avoided, we are also developing a topical, repurposed formulation for increased implantation rates following Embryo transfer from IVF/ICSI treatment.  


Tel.: +1 929 999 2034

First Egg Bank is trusted egg donor bank, launched in 2008 and as a part of Medicover Fertility. First Egg Bank’s team puts all efforts into helping infertile couples to sense the joy of parenthood. We give our patients an opportunity to find in one place everything that is needed for successful IVF treatment: vitrified donor oocytes, frozen sperm samples and embryo creation possibilities. We also provide fertility patients and clinics with cryoshipping services to any corner of the world.

Gals Bio is developing Tulipon, a new generation of feminine hygiene devices that handle the monthly menses, as well as monitor women health based on the collected menses.

Tulipon is a disposable cup shaped vaginal device that collects rather than absorbs menses. It is inserted with an applicator, like a tampon, making it easy to usediscreteclean and without the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. It is suitable for extended periods of use (12 hours) and has no leaks as well as ecologically friendly. Finally, biosensors within the device will monitor women health and provide early detection of various cancers.


Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg, Shenhav & Co. (GKH) is one of the largest and most influential law firms in Israel, particularly in the fields of securities, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), banking, hi-tech, corporate law and cross border activity.

Combining profound legal understanding, academic depth and an innovative approach, the firm is widely recognized for its local and global transactional experience, and is ranked as one of the top law firms in Israel by Legal 500 and Chambers Global.

The firm’s professional staff consists of about 170 professionals, including more than 60 partners, and a large group of experienced licensed attorneys in Europe, USA, Australia, Brazil and more.


Gynica is changing the culture of gynecological treatment through clinically-proven, cannabinoid-based solutions.

Gynica is a medical company at the forefront of therapeutic cannabis research in the field of women’s health. Our team develops medical treatments based on innovative technology and an advanced understanding of the pharmacological effects of cannabinoids that target specifically female symptoms and diseases.

We believe that cannabinoids are the missing piece in the treatment of gynecological disorders –

Scientific research has shown that the cannabis plant is unique for women —after the brain, the female reproductive system is the organ with the most endocannabinoid receptors in the human body.


HeraMED is a technology startup developing a lineup of innovative connected pregnancy monitoring solutions for home use, partnering with leading medical organizations including Mayo Clinic and Teva. HeraMED has 3 defined business models: SaaS platforms – HeraCARE, a data driven home care pregnancy management platform based around data acquired from the HeraBEAT and other medical data resources, aiming at transforming the pregnancy experience (R&D phase). Medical devices – HeraBEAT™ is a medically accurate, CE certified, smartphone-based fetal heartbeat monitor for home use. AI capabilities – Orion AI, a Machine learning analysis for pregnancy monitoring (R&D phase


Hologic is one of the world’s most innovative medical technology companies and a global champion of women’s health. We advance diagnostic, detection, surgical and medical aesthetics solutions that respond to an increasingly complex and demanding global healthcare environment. What powers our growth is also what differentiates us: the exceptional, clinically proven ability of our products to detect, diagnose and treat illnesses and other health conditions earlier and better. Our commitment to better outcomes for patients, healthcare professionals and health systems is fulfilled by relentlessly focusing on the delivery of leading-edge technology that can change diagnoses, treatments and lives.


Igentify® has developed the world’s first Digital Genetic Counselor™ –. The platform can provide a fully scalable end-to-end genetic counseling solution in both clinical as well as non-clinical genetic testing set up. It’s built for various genotyping technologies like microarray and NGS. It can be customized to a broad spectrum of genetic or genomic tests offered by the test providers. The platform’s unmatched user engaging capabilities enable the test providers to give the best user experience to their consumers from enrollment & personalized consent for the genetic test, to the automated delivery of machine-generated personalized genetic counseling. 

Illumigyn™ Ltd. is a privately-held medical device company founded in 2012. The company has extended “Machine Vision” technologies based on sophisticated manufacturing visual inspection applications, implemented in the gynecological medical device field. Illumigyn developed a state-of-the-art, compact imaging colposcope to eliminate the inherent subjectivity of gynecology exams. The company’s founders and the research and development team have expertise in machine vision and in medical endoscopy imaging technologies. The Illumigyn™ executive management and the board of directors have successful track records in leading and investing in high-technology ventures, such as Powermat, Wellsense and corporate management such as GE, Stryker, Van Leer ventures.


InMode is a leading global provider of minimally and non-invasive aesthetic solutions utilizing the most innovative radio frequency, light-based energy and laser technologies. The company has developed a suite of high-performance platforms used by physicians to remodel subdermal adipose tissue in a variety of aesthetic treatments, including minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures for skin tightening and resurfacing, hair removal, cellulite reduction and body contouring, treatment of skin pigmentations and vascular lesions, and women’s health and wellness.
The InMode platforms are clinically proven to reduce treatment time, recovery time and deliver real results so people can live their most beautiful lives.

Israel Innovation Authority

The Israel Innovation Authority, an independent publicly funded agency, was thus created to provide a variety of practical tools and funding platforms aimed at effectively addressing the dynamic and changing needs of the local and international innovation ecosystems. This includes early-stage entrepreneurs, mature companies developing new products or manufacturing processes, academic groups seeking to transfer their ideas to the market, global corporations interested in collaborating with Israeli technology, Israeli companies seeking new markets abroad and traditional factories and plants seeking to incorporate innovative and advanced manufacturing into their businesses.


Founded in 1997, IVC Research Center is the leading data source and business information company in Israel’s high-tech industry. We help our clients understand the market, make connections and identify opportunities with access to the latest news, trends and developments. From venture capital and private equity funds to industry leading companies and emerging startups across Israel’s varied high-tech sectors, we cater to the varied business information needs that make up the Israeli high-tech ecosystem.


One of the fastest growing academic health institutions in the United States, Jefferson combines both Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, headquartered in Philadelphia. The university is home to Sidney Kimmel Medical College, founded in 1824 as Jefferson Medical College, as well as 10 colleges and three schools focused on professional programs from health to design, fashion, and architecture. The university was ranked in the top 20 for innovation by the Brookings Institution, and 5th in its region for innovation by U.S. News and World Report. Jefferson Health includes 14 hospitals, more than 40 outpatient and urgent care locations, the NCI-designated Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and Magee Rehabilitation. It is nationally ranked in 10 speciality areas by US News & World Report. We are 30,000+ people reimagining health care, education and discovery.

Keren Briah

Briah Foundation aims to significantly improve women’s health in Israel.
We act on three levels: raising awareness, research and advocacy. We see the medical system as potential partners, and strive to create dialog between women and medical professionals. We invest resources to this end by initiating, supporting and promoting social projects, thus creating a community striving for change.
One focus of ours is gynecological exams, with the goal of improving women’s experience by creating official standards and training doctors. In addition, we run an incubator for projects promoting women’s health coming from both within and outside the medical system


LadySense™ is a Virtual Gynecology platform that enables remote gynecological examination with a single probe, removing the biggest limitation of true tele-gynecology service.

LadySense™ facilitates the full impact of telemedicine to gynecology: lower cost, higher availability, reducing unnecessary visits and higher customer satisfaction overcoming personal and cultural sensitivities.

With LadySense™, digital gynecological exam is simple enough to be operate in an on-campus clinics or walk in clinics by staff with no specific gynecological training, making remote facilities – front office for medicine service.

LadySense™ provides first line of support during pregnancy, infections and annual exams bringing accessible relief anywhere anytime. 


Lumenis is a global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Surgical, Ophthalmology and Aesthetic markets, and is a world-renowned expert in developing and commercializing innovative energy-based technologies, including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio-Frequency (RF).

For years, Lumenis’ ground-breaking products have redefined medical treatments and have set numerous technological and clinical gold-standards.  Lumenis has successfully created solutions for previously untreatable conditions, as well as designed advanced technologies that have revolutionized existing treatment methods in each and every one of the sectors we operate in.


MEDPNC provides precise resolution of personalized altered network structures related to cancer and enables patient-specific protein network decoding for a personal treatment approach for the disease.
PNX is a diagnostic test based on an information -theoretic analysis of proteomics that allows mapping every malignancy precisely and unbiasedly according to the protein network reorganization in each tumor, namely the patient-specific signaling signature, in a way that patient’s accurate treatment combination can be recommended for a specific tumor and condition and thus improve survival.

Medtronic is the world’s largest medical technology company , operates in more than 150 countries worldwide with more than 350 locations.

Written in 1960, our Mission dictates that our first and foremost priority is to contribute to human welfare. Over a half-century later, the Mission continues to serve as our ethical framework and inspirational goal for our employees around the world. It guides our day-to-day work and reminds us that; our efforts are transforming the lives of millions of people each year.


  1. To contribute to human welfare by application of biomedical engineering in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of instruments or appliances that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.
  2. To direct our growth in the areas of biomedical engineering where we display maximum strength and ability; to gather people and facilities that tend to augment these areas; to continuously build on these areas through education and knowledge assimilation; to avoid participation in areas where we cannot make unique and worthy contributions.
  3. To strive without reserve for the greatest possible reliability and quality in our products; to be the unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity, and service.
  4. To make a fair profit on current operations to meet our obligations, sustain our growth, and reach our goals.
  5. To recognize the personal worth of employees by providing an employment framework that allows personal satisfaction in work accomplished, security, advancement opportunity, and means to share in the company’s success.

To maintain good citizenship as a company.

momsense is an Innovative Digital Health technology company that enables real-time measurement of breastmilk consumption of babies.
The Smart Breastfeeding Meter, developed by momsense, is a patented technology to a Real Challenge, assisting mothers to prolong the breastfeeding phase, using a smart, easy-to-use monitor that let them know a baby’s actual milk intake during breastfeeding.
Using a baby safe sensor momsense tracks the baby’s unique physiological swallowing patterns and measures a baby’s breast milk volume intake while nursing.

MonitHer is changing breast cancer imaging the way motion pictures changed photography. 

Monthly monitoring of breast health from the home, enables, for the first time, a dynamic picture of breast changes for the physician.  This may empower the individual and their physician in the earliest diagnosis of breast cancer possible, while reducing unnecessary biopsies and treatment. A single automated whole breast ultrasound scan, shares or exceeds, the ability of mammography to detect and specify changes in the breast, but without the discomfort or radiation. A single picture says a thousand words, but a movie says it all.  Monitor heath, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Mor Applications

Mor Research Applications is the Technology Transfer Office of Clalit Health Services, the largest HMO in Israel, providing end-to-end technology transfer services. Mor helps inventors to translate new ideas in the medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical IT and biotechnology fields into solutions available to health caregivers and patients.

Mor’s commercialization portfolio comprises over 100 different projects and companies in various stages of development, from pre-seed to advanced stage companies. The intellectual property is conceived and developed by professionals working at our 14 hospitals and around 2000 clinics across the country, including Beilinson, Meir, Kaplan, Carmel, Soroka, Ha-Emek, and Schneider medical centers.

NADYA clinic

The clinic of reproductive medicine NADIYA successfully helps people to become parents for over 13 years. More than 5084 children were born due to the treatment of infertility in the clinic by using advanced methods of assisted reproductive technology.

In 2017, DL-NADIYA consortium united the team of US and Ukrainian scientists who have combined experience in molecular genetics, embryology and human reproduction to develop the newest methods for achieving the pregnancy with a healthy baby in women with the high risk of mitochondrial pathology in their offspring, as well as in complicated cases of infertility forms with high genetic risk. 


NIPD Genetics is an innovative European biotechnology company that designs, develops, and manufactures non-invasive genetic tests in the fields of prenatal, oncology and reproductive health. Founded in 2010, NIPD Genetics leverages proprietary genetic and bioinformatics methods to develop novel technologies for prediction and diagnosis of genetic disorders. NIPD Genetics provides the VERACITY NIPT for the detection of trisomies 21, 18, 13, X and Y aneuploidies and select microdeletions. NIPD Genetics also offers VERAgene, the first comprehensive NIPT that simultaneously screens for aneuploidies, microdeletions and point mutations. VERAgene targets nearly 500 mutations on 50 genes to screen for 50 monogenic disorders.


OrbiMed is a leading investment firm dedicated exclusively to the healthcare sector, with approximately $12 billion in assets under management. OrbiMed invests globally across the spectrum of healthcare companies, from venture capital start-ups to large multinational companies. OrbiMed’s team of more than 100 employees manages a series of private equity funds, public equity funds, royalty/debt funds and other investment vehicles. OrbiMed maintains its headquarters in New York City, with additional offices in Herzliya, San Francisco, Shanghai, Mumbai and Hong Kong.

OsteoSee is a clinical-stage company focused on bringing bone health screening, diagnosis and monitoring to the primary care clinic and, for the first time, into the home. Using OsteoSee’s proprietary technology, a tabletop system addresses the enormous unmet need of screening and diagnosing osteoporosis at the point-of-care, including at primary care physicians’ clinics. Additionally, a wristband system connected to a smartphone enables treatment-monitoring anywhere, including the home. Osteoporosis is second only to cardiovascular disease as a global healthcare problem and medical studies show a 50-year-old woman has a similar lifetime risk of death from hip fracture as from breast cancer.

P&G Ventures is a team of innovative thinkers, creators and doers focused on building the next $1B Brand for Procter & Gamble. They partner with early stage start-ups in unique ways to create new business categories and help companies grow. By bringing corporate capabilities to their partners, they can accelerate business opportunities, bringing the best of P&G together with the best of a Start-up.  P&G Ventures are looking to support product driven, consumable companies with recurring revenue models. 

PINK OF VIEW™ is the world’s first personalized predictive indicator for risk management of breast cancer driven by Machine Learning. We provide the best non-invasive assessment technology dedicated to evaluating individual risk factors leading to breast cancer, based on Risk factors self measurements data. Our goal is to save lives, costs and increase compliance, through early detection using the high accuracy predictive ‘Pink indicator’.
Our core algorithm is based on various comparisons of healthy woman’s risk profile to unique “Pink” scales, and to other women’s profile data worldwide.
 The PINK OF VIEW™ risk management system is primarily focused on women that do not have genetic or family history of breast cancer through covering behavioral, environmental and biological aspects. 


Tempdrop is a smart thermometer that gives women the data they need for the fertility apps they love. Tempdrop uses multiple sensors and AI to learn the nightly and monthly temperature patterns of each user, giving her user-tailored accuracy. By promoting integrations with apps, Tempdrop aims to become the leading curator of key fertility metrics for bridging between women’s unique cycles and the health apps or services they use.

Cancer detection by simple blood test.
Todos Medical developed revolutionary blood tests for cancer detection. 
The “Total Biochemical Infrared Analysis” (TBIA) method is a proprietary method for screening of solid tumors using peripheral blood. The process involves observing the immune system’s response to tumor presence rather than looking for the tumor cells themselves or specific markers. TBIA analyzes the entire biochemical signatures spectrum (including proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and carbohydrates) of effected immune cells and plasma from peripheral blood.
We are currently focusing our efforts on breast and colon cancer screenings but there are more in the pipe.

For more than 2 decades Oncotest provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to genetic diagnosis in various fields, In cooperation with leading physicians and laboratories in the United States, in order to provide optimal treatment for patients. For the past 6 years, Oncotest has been active in the field of women’s health and is a leader in the field of prenatal genetic testing.

Verified Planet Ltd. is a Medical device & Digital Health company, developing a technology for securing biological samples to prevent lab mix-up and verify lab process & procedures mainly for IVF labs.
The IoT technology is based on a combination of a mechanical security device and a cloud-web-based digital solution.
Lockable traceable & disposable smart containers (Test tubes, Petri dish, etc.) are opened only by an external electronic control device key connected to a cloud-based information system.  The system ensures that samples cannot be mistakenly mixed up, checks access permissions, tracks lab worker activity on the samples, and reports to the clinic’s manager or the sample’s owner any changes or mishandling with their samples. The technology verifies laboratory procedures to ensure safety and security and adherence to the lab procedures.

Viora is a leading aesthetic solutions brand that constantly strives to grow together with its customers by providing aesthetic technology Fusion® to thousands of professionals across the globe, enabling millions of patients an access to a family of aesthetic treatments. Viora is a customer driven organization that puts its values of high integrity, openness, leadership and quality, in the center of its performance.

With a presence in over 65 countries, Viora’s products address a wide range of symptoms, treating today’s most commonly requested applications for anti-aging, post pregnancy related symptoms and more.

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