Prof. Ronit Abir

Prof. Ronit Abir completed her PhD studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel on recurrent abortions in women. Following completion of her PhD degree, Prof. Abir spent a postdoctoral fellowship of three years at Hammersmith Hospital in London. During her postdoctoral fellowship she specialized in human follicular culture and cryopreservation of human ovaries and was one of the pioneers in this field in humans. Since 1997 she heads the laboratory settings of the Fertility Preservation Program at Rabin Medical Center. This Fertility Preservation Program includes both girls and young women. She is also an Associate Professor at the Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology of Tel Aviv University, Israel. She is a peer reviewer of many journals and was an associate editor of Human Reproduction. She is currently a section editor in Journal of Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology and on the editorial board of Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. Prof. Abir was also an invited speaker in various conferences around the world. She has received throughout the years many research grants for studies on culture of human primordial follicles, effects of growth factors on human primordial follicles, cryopreservation of human ovarian tissue and methods to improve the outcome of transplantation of human ovaries. She has published numerous papers on these topics and also on human fetal ovaries and contributed several chapters in books dealing with either growth factors affecting human ovarian primordial follicles and fertility preservation and restoration. Her main interests include: developing culturing systems for human primordial follicles, growth factors involved in activation of human primordial follicles, optimizing the culture medium and system for human primordial follicles, improvement in cryopreservation techniques for human ovaries and improving the success of human ovarian grafting for fertility restoration. She is also interested in mechanisms that promote oogenesis, follicular assembly and folliculogenesis in the human fetal ovary.

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