Narkis Tessler

Narkis Tessler is CEO of TeraCann, a subsidiary of TeraGroup, introducing TeraWave solutions to the cannabis industry. She also serves as managing partner of Blue Pesto LLC, a private investment group in the cannabis space, and serves as an advisor to various organizations in the cannabis industry.

Narkis has held executive positions in leading organizations and has served as a director in both public and government companies, in industries ranging from infrastructure to tourism to security systems. She is a member of the Israel Government Companies Authority pool of qualified directors.

Narkis holds an MBA in Marketing from Tel Aviv University in Israel, and a BA in Management from Emory University in the U.S.

In her volunteer work Narkis formed ‘Directors for Change’, an activist group promoting diversity in the boardroom, and has volunteered as a mentor in non-profit organizations, providing strategic consulting to social organizations.

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