Meredith Rose Burak

Meredith Rose Burak facilitates innovative solutions across the fields of advocacy, philanthropy and for-profit investing to create worldwide political and economic change. As president of Rose Ventures LLC, Meredith advises start-up companies and individuals at the intersection of capital formation and public relations. Meredith is the Vice President of Global Operations for Asana Bio Group, a cannabinoid-based research and development company focused on women’s health, located in Jerusalem Biotech Park, and Vice President of Scientific Development at BQT Pharmaceuticals, a Philadelphia-based cannabis therapeutic company. As a former financial executive at Merrill Lynch, Meredith provided strategic investment and philanthropic advice to her clients, managing hundreds of millions of dollars in assets for nonprofit organizations and labor unions. In the past, Meredith was a director of communications for the New York City Council where she organized high-profile citywide public relation campaigns to influence legislation, policy and the municipal budget. As a passion, Meredith advises political candidates, most recently serving as an advisor to the 2016 campaign for Bernie Sanders for US President, and currently serves as Secretary of the board of directors of The Sanders Institute, a think tank in the pursuit of progressive solutions to economic, environmental, racial and social justice issues. Meredith serves as chair of Public-Private Partnerships at the Survivor Initiative, catalysing tens of millions of dollars for impoverished Holocaust survivors. In honor of her mother, Meredith founded and is president of the Mary Haas Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Foundation to raise awareness and funds for research initiatives to combat the disease. Passionate about education and empowering future leaders, Meredith is the youngest professionals on the board of directors of Hillel International.

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