Maya Kotler

Maya Kotler

Head of Marketing
Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd.

As of 2010 Maya has been serving as Head of Marketing of Ramot at Tel Aviv University. Ramot is the business engagement center of Tel Aviv University, cultivating the special relationships between the academy and the industry. Ramot offer a unique combination of advanced R&D capabilities, and incorporate many of the industry’s best and most experienced professionals.

With vast experience of more than 15 years in the fields of marketing, communications and public relations, Maya has gained deep knowledge and expertise in working closely with leading researchers and innovators of vary technological fields, as well as with senior executives, entrepreneurs and investors.

Maya also runs Ramot’s fellowship program, providing dynamic hands-on educational experience to Tel Aviv University’s grad students and alumni.

Before joining Ramot, Maya led the marketing department at Outform, a point of purchase design and advertising agency, bringing eminence and brand awareness to help drive business results. At Leadcom Integrated Solutions, an international services provider for the telecommunications industry, Maya managed the marketing communication department, rebranding and strengthening the company’s position through mergers, acquisitions and a successful IPO.
Maya holds MBA degree in International Marketing from the University of Derby and her B.A degree in Behavioral Sciences from the College of Management. Maya also holds a Multi-Disciplinary Design diploma from the Tel Aviv College of Design.

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