Esther Barak Landes

Esther is an active Investor in the Tech eco system in Israel as well as in the women Innovation eco system. Involved with dozens of startups as board member or Advisor, sits on boards and Investment committees of private and public companies.
Esther leads the Investments activity of Natura Fund, for Investments in Medical Cannabis & Agro-food tech.
Prior she founded Nielsen Innovate, an early stage technology incubator and Fund licensed by the Chief Scientist of Israel, In Partnership with global market research and consumer behavior leader Nielsen Co. and private LPs; founded Partam Hightech Family Fund, co-founded Israel Angels crowd funding activity, co-founded Openvalley (Co-working space for startups in the periphery).
Esther started her career as a commercial lawyer.
Involved with several non-profit organizations including ProWomen (President), IMA foundation (managing director), Betzalel Academy of Art (board member), SpaceIL (advisor).

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