Dr. Sarosh Rana

Dr. Sarosh Rana is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and section chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine at the University of Chicago. She sees patients with hypertension and preeclampsia and conducts clinical/translational research. Dr. Rana’s research has focused on the role of angiogenic biomarkers in risk stratification of patients with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Dr. Rana also studies cardiac dysfunction associated with preeclampsia and how this correlates with angiogenic and other markers of cardiac dysfunction. This has had major clinical implications, since women with preeclampsia are at high risk for future cardiovascular disease. Dr. Rana conducts national and international studies and has served on various national and international scientific organizations. She was recently appointed as Co-Chair, Global health committee, International society of study of hypertension in pregnancy.  

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