Dr. Michal Rosen Zvi

Dr. Rosen-Zvi is the Director for Healthcare Informatics at IBM Research. She is leading a worldwide team of researchers expert in AI for healthcare and a local team at IBM Research – Haifa of experts in machine learning, medical imaging analysis and bioinformatics. Michal holds a PhD in physics and completed her postdoctoral studies at UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, and the Hebrew University in the area of Machine Learning. She joined IBM towards the end of 2005 and has since led various projects in the area of machine learning and healthcare. Michal has published around 40 peer-reviewed papers with over 3800 citations, and serves as a Program Committee member and reviewer at leading machine learning, health informatics, and bioinformatics conferences and journals. Nowadays she is also a visiting professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University.

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