Dr. Lior Soussan Gutman

Lior Soussan-Gutman was the founder and CEO of Oncotest Ltd., company offering specialized cancer diagnostic services to the oncology community in Israel based on a network of laboratories around the world.

In 2003 Oncotest’s activity was purchased by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries in Israel and became the Oncotest-Teva service unit, managed by Dr. Soussan-Gutman.

Dr. Soussan-Gutman holds a Ph.D. in Neuro biochemistry from the Tel-Aviv University and she did Post-doctorate research in molecular biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

For almost two decades, Oncotest-Teva has been focusing on identification of novel approaches to diagnosing malignant diseases and predicting disease course, according to the unique genetic profile of the patient and tumor cells, and matching more precise and more effective therapeutic directions.

Partnering with the top-tier diagnostic companies and laboratories in the world, such as Genomic Health, Tempus, Foundation Medicine, Illumina, NantHealth, PGDX, Counsyl, Invitae and many more, the team has been raising the industry bar to the highest standards, and coined the term ‘evidence-based diagnostics’ to ensure that the tools responsibly support clinical decisions.

In 2013, Oncotest-TEVA has entered into the field of Prenatal diagnostics: Introducing innovative, highly accurate (>99.9%), non-invasive prenatal test – NIPT, to detect multiple fetal abnormalities- using a single maternal blood draw, as early as the 10th week of pregnancy.

In 2017, by partnering with Illumina, a technology transfer and conducting tests in Israel was completed, enabling replacing the biochemical screening assays by NIPT.

Led by Dr. Lior Soussan-Gutman, Oncotest- Teva comprises a team of 32 professionals dedicated for this mission, Offering wide portfolio of tests and excelling at operations and service. Oncotest-Teva team has been providing personal support to over 50,000 patients in Israel, guiding them and their treating physicians through the complexity of the disease, towards clarity of the right treatment direction.

Personalized medicine as practiced by Oncotest-Teva has been shown to be both clinically superior (as to patient recovery and results) and cost-effective (as to healthcare system burden and economics).


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