Dr. Inbar Maymon Pomeranchik

Founder, Biodiligence;
Director, Ananda Developments
CTO Sadot Innovation

Scientific Due Diligence Expert, Specializing in the Israeli and the Global Medical Cannabis Industry.

Inbar holds a PhD in plant sciences molecular biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Post Doctorate from the prestigious Weizmann Institute.

After 15 years of molecular & genetic research and development Inbar has a hand- on experience in all aspects of the Biotech industry: from academic research to commercial project lead, from small startups to large corporations.

As an investment consultant, Inbar serves as a director and advisor of companies in the UK, Canada, Puerto Rico, South America and Israel and is responsible for the scientific due diligence in a large number of companies. Inbar’s contribution also includes introduction of high- potential technologies to investors and contributing to the closing of investments in highly promising companies.

Due to Inbar’s vast knowledge, you will often see her speaking at global conferences, sharing her knowledge and exposing investors to insights, various opportunities and key industry topics.

Added value:
• Vast experience in biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology and in medical cannabis.
• Wide perspective on global Cannatech market.
• True understanding of all parameters influencing investors’ decision
making from global demand to local regulations.
• Wide personal network within the biotech and medical cannabis industries and in academia.
• Ability to free investors from long initial screenings of irrelevant technologies, thus allowing them to focus on evaluation of opportunities and value maximization.

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