Ariel Beery

Ariel Beery is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of MobileODT, a company transforming healthcare by offering a family of smart, AI-powered internet-connected medical devices that health care providers can use at the point-of-care for a variety of examinations. Our leading product is the Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System for colposcopy, used for women’s health services in 26 countries around the world (and 31 States in the US). Prior to MobileODT, Ariel served as the Global CEO of the PresenTense Group, an accelerator for social ventures he co-founded in 2005 that has launched over 1000 startups. Ariel has a B.A in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University, a MPA (Masters in Public Administration) from New York University (NYU) in Management, and an MA from NYU in Jewish Studies.

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